I have the following code. Why are my equations not centered, and how can I center them?

\usepackage{amsmath, amsfonts, amsthm, amssymb}


\usepackage[T1]{fontenc}         % Not always necessary, but recommended.
% End of standard header.  What follows pertains to the problem at hand.


\title{\Large \bf title}
\author[1,*]{{author 1}}
\author[1]{author 2}
\affil[1]{\normalsize affiliation
\\ *Email: blank}




text text text


\ddot{\underline{\mathbf{r}}} &= \frac{d{^2}\underline{\mathbf{r}}}{dt^2}\\
                              &= 0

%Equations with no numbering in specific line by using \nonumber
\ddot{\underline{\mathbf{r}}} &= \frac{d{^2}\underline{\mathbf{r}}}{dt^2}\nonumber\\
                              &= 0

$$A(\rho,T) = A_0(\rho)+A_i(\rho,T)+A_e(\rho,T)$$


\section{Results and Discussion}





Remove the fleqn option when loading the \documentclass.

enter image description here

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