Before you say this has been asked before, I did try to look this up and found these thread:

Printing a table as PNG?

Compile a LaTeX document into a PNG image that's as short as possible

The issue is that I couldn't get the answers to work, probably because I'm not experienced enough. I tried to use the standalone class by writing


but it gives me an error "Class standalone Warning: Conversion failed! Please ensure that shell escape is enabled (e.g. use '-shell-escape')."

Now, I have no idea how to use this -shell-escape function.

I'm using the software TeXworks and tried implementing the following solution:

How to enable shell-escape in TeXworks?

But this again just gives me the same error.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


enter image description here

  • on the commandline use pdflatex --shell-escape yourfile.tex – David Carlisle Jul 18 at 12:44
  • @DavidCarlisle can you specify what you mean by commandline? – WoeIs Jul 18 at 13:19
  • @WoeIs Before giving reply, can you confirm what OS you are using, i.e., Windows or Mac? – MadyYuvi Jul 18 at 13:21
  • @MadyYuvi Windows – WoeIs Jul 18 at 13:22
  • 1
    Did you install ImageMagick ? – Black Mild Jul 18 at 15:20

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