I have a question about TexStudio which seems basic but to which I struggle to find an answer. When I use autocompletion, for example to open a new environment, there is text which is automatically written and which I should have to replace (like environment-name or content... in the following picture).

An example : here, *environment-name* and content... are "to be replaced" words

I assume there is a shortcut to go from one of these "to be replaced" text but I did not find it.

I looked on google and this site with keywords around autocompletion and highlighting, and look at some documentation around autocompletion but I did not found anything related to these "to be replaced" words.

So, I have two questions : do you know the shortcut ? what is the official name for these "to be replaced" words ?

Thanks a lot in advance

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You just need to use Ctrl + → or Ctrl + ← to jump from one placeholder to another. Typing Enter cancels the placeholder.

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