I am trying to use org-mode for generating my documents in pdf format using MiKTeX in Windows environment. When use the class \documentclass{scrartcl} in TexMaker, it is working properly. But in org-mode it is not working. I want have a \subtitle{} and author affiliation in my document. But I am getting only Title, Author and Date in my document. My LaTeX header in org-mode looks like this:

#+TITLE: A demo paper in LaTeX
#+SUBTITLE: cse131:: Course Title
#+AUTHOR: R. Sreekumar

And in my .emacs configuration file, I have added koma-article class. It looks like this.

(require 'ox-latex)

(add-to-list 'org-latex-classes
             ("\\section{%s}" . "\\section*{%s}")
             ("\\subsection{%s}" . "\\subsection*{%s}")
             ("\\subsubsection{%s}" . "\\subsubsection*{%s}")
             ("\\paragraph{%s}" . "\\paragraph*{%s}")
             ("\\subparagraph{%s}" . "\\subparagraph*{%s}")))

I don't know where I am doing the mistake. If any expert in org-mode and LaTeX can help, I will be grateful.

Also, I am not sure, where MiKTeX is storing external style files which are automatically downloaded in TexMaker.


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I added #+LATEX_CLASS: koma-article below the line #+AUTHOR, see this example:

#+TITLE: Titel
#+SUBTITLE: untertitel
#+AUTHOR: wer auch immer
#+LATEX_CLASS: koma-article

That helped, in a way, because the subtitle gets exported as:

\large untertitel}

But I failed to find out how to get something like \subtitle:{untertitel}


Ha, I got it! We need two variables.

The orgmode file

# -*- org-latex-subtitle-separate: t; org-latex-subtitle-format: "\\subtitle{ %s }"; -*-

#+TITLE: Titel
#+SUBTITLE: cse131:: untertitel
#+AUTHOR: wer auch immer
#+LATEX_CLASS: koma-article

* Erster Abschnitt

* Zweiter Abschnitt

noch mehr text
** Unterabschnitt

was auch immer

will be exported as

% Created 2019-07-20 Sa 09:02
% Intended LaTeX compiler: pdflatex
\usepackage{babel, booktabs, libertine, setspace, array}

\author{wer auch immer}
\subtitle{ cse131:: untertitel }
 pdfauthor={wer auch immer},
 pdfcreator={Emacs 26.2 (Org mode 9.2.4)}, 


\section{Erster Abschnitt}

\section{Zweiter Abschnitt}

noch mehr text

was auch immer

Ok, my definitions from .emacs are:

(add-to-list 'org-latex-classes 
            \\usepackage{babel, booktabs, libertine, setspace, array}\n
             ("\\section{%s}" . "\\section*{%s}")
             ("\\subsection{%s}" . "\\subsection*{%s}")
             ("\\subsubsection{%s}" . "\\subsubsection*{%s}")
             ("\\paragraph{%s}" . "\\paragraph*{%s}")
             ("\\subparagraph{%s}" . "\\subparagraph*{%s}"))

-- just for completness.

  • Sorry, this is not working for me. \documentclass{scrartcl} is working in texmaker but emacs tells it couldn't locate the class. I added the following in my .emacs file, (setq org-latex-subtitle-separate t) (setq org-latex-subtitile-format "\\subtitle{%s}"), still it is not showing the subtitle. – Sreekumar R Jul 26 '19 at 5:22
  • Can you provide emacs message? Check spelling, please: the variable is org-latex-subtitle-format, not »...subtitile«. – Keks Dose Jul 26 '19 at 10:44
  • I did correct the spelling mistake. And the emacs message isperfect without any errors. It created pdf file but without subtitle. – Sreekumar R Jul 29 '19 at 9:47

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