I try to draw parts of a split rectangle in a dashed or dotted style. Thus I want the following code

\node[draw,rectangle split,rectangle split parts=2,rectangle split horizontal]
  {foo \nodepart[text width=2cm]{second} bar};

to produce an image like this:

enter image description here

The dashed/dotted part should look uniform, i.e., the different lengths of the dashes in the picture are a result of my bad paint skills ;-)

I also would like to use the same effect for a vertical split rectangle. Any ideas?


Draw the whole border after the node is built:


\usetikzlibrary{shapes.multipart, calc}



\node[rectangle split,rectangle split parts=2, rectangle split horizontal,
    append after command={\pgfextra
        \draw ($(othername.one split south)!.25!(othername.south east)$)-|(othername.west)|-($(othername.one split north)!.25!(othername.north east)$);
        \draw ($(othername.one split south)!.75!(othername.south east)$)-|(othername.east)|-($(othername.one split north)!.75!(othername.north east)$);
        \draw[dashed] ($(othername.one split south)!.25!(othername.south east)$)--($(othername.one split south)!.75!(othername.south east)$);
        \draw[dashed] ($(othername.one split north)!.25!(othername.north east)$)--($(othername.one split north)!.75!(othername.north east)$);
        \draw (othername.one split north)--(othername.one split south);
    \endpgfextra} ]
  {foo \nodepart[text width=2cm, draw=none]{second} bar};


enter image description here

  • I like how clean this solution is and also how extensible. Thanks for letting me know! – Max Maier Jul 22 '19 at 19:33

Try overdraw the second part of multi part node with white dashed line:

\documentclass[tikz, margin=3mm]{standalone}

node distance = 0pt,
  mpnh/.style = {% multi part node horisontal
        rectangle split, rectangle split parts=2,
        rectangle split horizontal, 
        draw, outer sep=0pt, align=center}
\node (mpnh) [mpnh]
    \nodepart[text width=2cm]{second} bar};
\draw[white, semithick, dashed] (mpnh.two north)+(-0.5,0) -- ++ (.5,0)
                                (mpnh.two south)+(-0.5,0) -- ++ (.5,0);

enter image description here

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