I have set my chapter numbering to Roman, and by using the fancyhdr package, I put the chapter number in the top center of each page. However, it is only showing on even numbered pages. Example:

\documentclass[12pt, twoside]{report}

\fancyhead[CE]{Chapter \thechapter}
\fancyhead[CO]{Chapter \thechapter}
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    Please augment your code snippet to that it (a) becomes minimally compilable and (b) reproduces the issue you wish to fix. E.g., you mention that "I have set my chapter numbering to Roman"; however, that does not (yet) seem to be reflected in the code. Thanks. – Mico Jul 20 at 18:58
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    To expand on the comment by @Mico: when this code is made compilable by adding \begin{document}, a chapter with a few pages of content (e.g., using the lipsum package) and \end{document}, then it actually works as expected, i.e., the chapter number is shown on each page. So please provide a small example document that actually reproduces the error, then it will be much easier to find the solution to your problem. – Marijn Jul 20 at 19:06
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    You have the page number in the footer: \fancyfoot[LO]{\thepage} – user187802 Jul 20 at 19:12

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