Consider the following MWE:


                \draw[line width=3pt,rounded corners] (0.75,1)--(0,1)--(0,0) -- (1,0) -- (1,0.5);
                \draw[xshift=0cm,yshift=0.35cm,line width=3pt] (0.25,0.25)--(0.5,0)--(1,0.5);

enter image description here

How can I create the same diagram by using coordinate or node definition. I want to convert this into a usable symbol that I can scale at any size, say the current font size and usable in mathmode.

I know fontawesome has \faCheckSquareO, but I designed this since I want full control over the color of the each component of the diagram.

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    The easiest wrapper would be putting everything inside ckbx/.pic and using it as pic[scale=2]{ckbx}. I am not sure what kind of usage is in your mind though. – Symbol 1 Jul 22 at 3:22
  • @Symbol1 A scaleable diagram relative to the current font size, say \large or \footnotesize – azetina Jul 22 at 3:24
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    Do you mean something like this: \newcommand\ckbx[1][]{ \tikz[baseline=-.5ex,#1]{ \draw circle(1em); } } \foreach\size in{\huge,\Large,\normalsize,\footnotesize,\tiny}{ \par\noindent\size Size is {\ttfamily\expandafter\string\size}. Plain \ckbx. Red \ckbx[red]. Rescaled \ckbx[xscale=.5]. } – Symbol 1 Jul 22 at 3:43
  • @Symbol1 Seems to be right. Love your style of generalizing. :) – azetina Jul 22 at 3:55
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    @Symbol1 You should post an answer! – Dr. Manuel Kuehner Jul 22 at 7:33

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