I am trying to add multiple Author with their email and location but not working.

I am trying to get something like this

   first_person^1 , second person^2, third_person^3

          {1^mail, 2^mail, 3^mail}@gmail.com

                 institution name

enter image description here


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\title{Foo and bar}
\author{first\_person\SUP{1}, second\_person\SUP{2}, third\_person\SUP{3}\\[\bigskipamount]
\{\SUP{1}mail, \SUP{2}mail, \SUP{3}mail\}@gmail.com}
\date{institution name\\location}



enter image description here

  • I was facing same issue, but date is not working in latex in overleaf? Jul 29, 2019 at 9:53

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