I created slides using beamer and everything was working fine. Now, I wanted to run the same file on a different computer but I get the following error from the beamerbasetranslator.sty file: Missing = inserted for \ifnum.\usedictionary

I include a minimal working example here even I believe the code is fine

\usetheme{Madrid}  %% Themenwahl


I guess there is a more general problem with the latex installation? I checked the installed package, the usepackage translator is installed but just when I tried to compile, so was never used before. Any ideas what went wrong? I don't think that I will need the translator package but it seems automatically included in beamer? Can I somehow avoid it?

  • Are larex on both pcs fully up to date? – daleif Jul 24 '19 at 19:12
  • Your MWE just runs fine on my computer. – 3isenHeim Dec 20 '19 at 6:02

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