I have been looking for a few days a package that it contains a command/symbol to use with pdfLaTeX, without using TikZ, of the tennis ball. I have seen The Comprehensive LATEX Symbol List where there are symbols but I couldn't find anything.

Sure to have courteous and benevolent feedback I extend my greetings and thanks.

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  • @Sigur Thank you very much, if you see my recent questions I use the fontawesome package. But what is the command? Is there a command to write the symbol? – Sebastiano Jul 24 '19 at 23:07
  • Well, I'm not sure if those glyphs are in the package. – Sigur Jul 24 '19 at 23:14
  • @Sigur no, :-( I've unfortunately seen them one by one. – Sebastiano Jul 24 '19 at 23:15
  • Consider including as an image. – Sigur Jul 24 '19 at 23:15

Well, package fontawesome seems to be not longer maintained and therefore you can not add with LaTeX and this package an symbol for an ball into your document.

But you can use package fontawesome5.

The font shows the following ball symbols on the web page:

balls on fontawesome5

As you can see the symbol for an tennis ball is grey that means you have to pay for the fontawesome5 pro font to be able to use it. Only the black shown symbol are available in the free font version.

So you can try for example:

\usepackage{fontawesome5} % <============================================




\faBasketballBall\ or \faIcon{basketball-ball} % <======================

\faBaseballBall\ or \faIcon{baseball-ball} % <==========================

with the resulting pdf:


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  • Thank you so much with all your heart. I didn't know that there was the version 5 of fontawesome by Marcel Kruger which is very recent of June 7, 2019. In about ten minutes I will enter a question because with the code that interests me gives me an error that I can not remove. – Sebastiano Jul 25 '19 at 20:59
  • Hi, kindest. On my long preamble I not can have, actually, the tennis ball :-((((. tex.stackexchange.com/questions/501476/…. It's being worked on the very good user Phelype Oleinik (see my comments), Probably there will be some problem with any parts of my book or conflict with some package. – Sebastiano Jul 25 '19 at 23:01
  • @Sebastiano Be carefull, you can only use the black printed symbols with free fontawesome5. (\faBaseballBall or \faBasketballBall you can use). To be able to use \faIcon{tennis-ball} you need to have fontawesome 5 pro (that means you have to pay for that professional font ... Do you use a lot of counters in your book? The linked comments shows an error message caused by too many used counters ... – Mensch Jul 25 '19 at 23:08

You can define a picture.


enter image description here

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  • Let's start responding in order of precedence. Meanwhile, I apologize for the delay in answering and I really appreciated your painstaking and detailed work. I may need to serve myself on another occasion. I reciprocate your answer and thank you for meeting another person (I had never received your answer). Thank you very much. +1 – Sebastiano Jul 25 '19 at 20:56

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