I need to prepare a beamer presentation in which I shall have multiple kinds of frames (Discussing frame, Formalizing frame, Problems Frame, etc.). They are simple frames, essencialy, a white frame with the words "Discussing", "Formalizing", etc. in a rectangle in the right top of the frame, but this rectangle, in each kind of frame shall be in a color (discussing is blue, problems are green, etc.).

I tried to addapt this but I was not able to change colors or write in the rectangle :(

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In the following code, I have added an optional argument to \begin{frame}. If no argument is given, the resultign slide is just white, if one of the arguments Discussing, Problems or Formalizing is given, the respective word is added in a colored rectangle:

enter image description here




  \Large Discussing %
  \Large Problems %
  \Large Formalizing %




\frametitle{another title}


  • PERFECT!!!! Thank you very much!!!
    – Michelle
    Jul 25, 2019 at 18:57

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