I'm wondering what is the default amount of space (in pt and cm) between "city, state 12345" and "Dear Mrs. Smith" when using the letter class.

The letter I'm referring to is here: https://www.latextemplates.com/template/plain-cover-letter

Thank you

  • \the\baselineskip for a 11pt default font size after a \large command is 14 pt (roughly 0.5 cm). – Fran Jul 25 at 23:30

Based on letter.cls, this amount is 2\parskip, which is equivalent to 2\medskipamount, which is 15.32996pt.

It forms part of the definition of \opening (highlighted below):

  \else  % home address
      \fromaddress \\*[2\parskip]%
      \@date \end{tabular}\par}%
  {\raggedright \toname \\ \toaddress \par}%
  \vspace{2\parskip}% <-------------------------------

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