I am working on a textbook. I like the aesthetics of side notes when they are present on a page. I do not like the aesthetics of the large empty margin when no side note is present on a page. Is there a way for latex to dynamically modify the margin size if no side note is detected on a page (or vice versa).

I've explored using afterpage along with newgeometry, but they require specific knowledge about where the pagebreaks will occur.

  • The changepage package defines the adjustmargins environment which doesn't require a page break. – Bernard Jul 26 at 23:27
  • Have you considered the tufte-book class? If not, run texdoc tufte. It is designed to have side table, figures or whatever in a huge side margin, but allow also fullwidth environments and full widths floats even in the same page. – Fran Jul 27 at 9:56

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