I want to add logos to the top corners of my poster. This is what I have:

\usepackage{mwe} % for placeholder images
% set theme parameters
    \title{\textbf{Quantum Math}}   
    \author{\textsuperscript{1}Joshua R.~Palmer \& 
    \textsuperscript{2}Gabriel Taylor}    
    \institute{\textsuperscript{1}The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley 
               \& \textsuperscript{2}University of Wisconsin - Madison} 


This is what I want: enter image description here

  • As this is only about the title, I suppose an example doesn't need any more content, so I'd suggest replacing \centering \begin{columns} \column{0.34} in your example with \end{document}. That said though, uwtheme is not a standard theme for tikzposter, can you add a link to where it can be downloaded? (Your example would also be better if it didn't include references to other files we don't have, such as refs.bib -- not needed -- or coe.jpg -- replace with example-image.) Jul 28 '19 at 21:11

A perhaps slightly hackish method, that will work regardless of theme, but that requires a bit of trial and error, is to simply use a couple of \nodes to place the images. A tikzposter is just one big tikzpicture, and the coordinates bottomleft and topright are defined by the class, so you can do something like this:

\node [below right=4cm and 2cm] at (bottomleft |- topright) {\includegraphics[width=4cm]{example-image-a}};
\node [below left=4cm and 2cm] at (topright) {\includegraphics[width=4cm]{example-image-b}};

The distances in e.g. below right=4cm and 2cm has to be modified depending on the papersize used, the position of the title, and what you like yourself. The first length is the vertical distance, the second the horizontal.

enter image description here

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