How can I align the following information,

    \item[Name:] S.A.
    \item[Addres:] vancouver, xx
    \item[Activity:] Some activity
    \item[Legal Owner:] Samuel L. Jackson

When I do this, I have this,

enter image description here

But, my idea is write something like this,

                        Name          :      S.A.
                        Address       :      vancouver, xx
                        Activity      :      Some activity
                        Legal Owner   :      Samuel L. Jackson

I am completely sure that this was already asked before, but I can't find the link. Thanks!

  • Have you tried a table? – azetina Jul 28 at 1:59

As @azetina suggested, you can use tabular environment. Please consider the following code:


Name&: &S.A.\\
Addres&:& vancouver, xx\\
Activity&:& Some activity\\
Legal Owner&:& Samuel L. Jackson\\

This is the output:

enter image description here

Note: You could change the middle column width in order to control the space between columns.

  • Elaborate on your MWE so that it shows how you can control the space between columns so that the OP can decide how he can implement it. Just a suggestion. – azetina Jul 28 at 2:14
  • 1
    Thanks @azetina, I edit my response. – A Diyanat Jul 28 at 2:24

There are several way to make table in LaTeX. If you like tikz, then it can draw table quite flexible!

enter image description here

(0,0)  node{Name}
(0,-1) node{Address}
(0,-2) node{Activity}
(0,-3) node{Legal Owner};
(1,0)  node{:}
(1,-1) node{:}
(1,-2) node{:}
(1,-3) node{:};
(2,0)  node{S.A.}
(2,-1) node{Vancouver, xx}
(2,-2) node{Some activity}
(2,-3) node{Samuel L. Jackson};

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