I'm using EB Garamond to typeset some text and find that the kerning in italic contractions can be a bit generous for my taste. Consider this MWE:

\noindent I’m It's I've\\
{\itshape I’m It's I've}\\
didn't don't hadn't wouldn't\\
{\itshape didn't don't hadn't wouldn't}

which gives

enter image description here

IMHO, the spacing between the n's and the t's is too large when using italics. Is there an easy way to adjust it?

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    Check if it happens with xelatex/lualatex and the otf version of the font too and the write the author of the font and ask for adjustment. – Ulrike Fischer Jul 30 at 6:22
  • With both xelatex and lualatex, I get warnings such as Font shape 'T1/EBGaramond(0)/m/it' undefined and therefore the italic words show up in roman font. Not sure how to try the otf version, so I'll try to contact the author... – user1362373 Jul 30 at 17:47

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