\usepackage{lastpage} % number of last page 
   \rmfamily \bfseries
   \ifnum\value{chapter}>0 \chaptername\ \thechapter. \fi

\hrule width \hsize height 2pt \kern 1mm \hrule width \hsize   

\hrule width \hsize \kern 1mm \hrule width \hsize height 2pt 

\rfoot{Page \thepage\ of \pageref{LastPage}}

Unfortunaly there is no MWE in the question and I do not know how the title of the unnumbered chapter goes to the header. So its only a guess: add the chapter name and chapter number to the left mark in the \chaptermark command. Maybe you have to use \nouppercase for \leftmark, too.

    \ifnum\value{chapter}>0 \chaptername\ \thechapter. \fi% <-added (and removed in \fancyhead[R])
   \rmfamily \bfseries
   \nouppercase{\leftmark}% <- \nouppercase added
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  • Respect Sir. U are 100% correct as per my requirements. U nailed it and u beauty.Thank u very much for your cooperation.Best wishes for U and be blessed! – ibrar hussain Aug 1 '19 at 17:05

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