I have a question about the TexMaker editor. In some cases the auto correct does not find typing errors in the script, and I don't know why, it seems strange to me, but seems to be linked to the use of citations. Here a screenshot of the problem.

enter image description here

Have you encoutered such a problem ?


I found a solution at this answer. This is a bug in spell checking engine of TeXmaker.

A few possible work-arounds:

  • The spell checking will kick in again if one of the two optional arguments is given (it may be empty), so you can write \cite[]{sigfridsson} instead of \cite{sigfridsson} and should be good.
  • Some \cite commands don't suffer from this behaviour, \citep for example is fine. So with natbib compatibility mode (Is there a disadvantage to using natbib=true with biblatex?) you can trick TeXmaker into working again.
  • Move each \cite into a new line
  • Use a different editor. TeXStudio is similar to TeXmaker and is more customisable in many respects. See also LaTeX Editors/IDEs

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