I am writing a thesis. While writing chapter 3, I need to refer an equation from chapter 2. How could I do this? I do not want to repeat the same equation in every chapter. Kindly help. Thanks a lot for the help.

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    what did you try, it should just work with no special code, \label{foo} on the equation and \ref{foo} to refer to it, the chapter structure does not affect this at all. – David Carlisle Aug 4 at 5:31
  • For equations, you might try \eqref{foo}. – barbara beeton Aug 4 at 15:20

There are several packages that would do the job. I would recommend to use the hyperref package in combination with the cleveref package. hyperref should be loaded last and cleveref afterwards. The former one enables the base functionality for hyperlinks and the latter one extends it (it automatically determines the type of the referenced object and will precede the number accordingly with equation, table, figure). Then assuming you labeled your equation you can simply reference it with \cref{eq:label_of_equation}. The eq: is not mandatory but it helps in keeping the overview.

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