In different part of my text I utilize \newline (because I need to force a new line break), but how do I ensure that the new line don't also seperat or make a page break right after the newline command?

This should only be applied to some (not all) newlines.

Typing in LuaLaTex with document class memoir.





~\vspace{19.5cm} \\
First line of tex \\%*
Second line of tex


Here is the output after running the above code (image):

enter image description here

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    \\* should normally work. – Ulrike Fischer Aug 5 at 10:31
  • A Minimum Working Example (MWE) would help here as it would be useful to know what kind of situation you want to have a page break and what kind you don't. In general a minipage, hbox, or vbox might be a way to achieve your goal depending on the specific nature of what you are after. – Jason Aug 5 at 12:52

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