I am trying to include MatLab code in my document using the listings package, but it seems like strings are not interpreted correct.

fprintf('ABC %s:\n', mystring);
fprintf("ABC %s:\n", mystring);
\usepackage[english]{babel}     %use english or ngerman
\usepackage[utf8]{inputenc}     %German äöü for input
\usepackage[T1]{fontenc}        %German äöü for pdf
\usepackage{textcomp}           %Additional Symbols e.g. degree

\definecolor{keyword}{RGB}{0,175,203}      %color
\definecolor{comment}{rgb}{0.06,0.58,0.07} %color
\definecolor{label}{rgb}{0.5,0.5,0.5}      %color

\lstset{                                   %Configure code


    caption={Broken Syntax Highlighting}
fprintf('ABC %s:\n', mystring);
fprintf("ABC %s:\n", mystring);



Result of the MWE

Is it possible to add " to the same list that ' is in?


The Matlab language definition only defines ' as string delimiter by default. But you can also make " one by adding the following line to the listing's options:


m is a special delimiter type for Matlab code defined as

[...] a special type for Ada and Matlab and possibly other languages where the string delimiters are also used for other purposes. It is equivalent to d, except that a string does not start after a letter, a right parenthesis, a right bracket, or some other characters.

If you don't want that special behavior, use morestring=[d]".

You can also define a new language which is based on Matlab with the new string type added:


Using that new language in your listing gives the desired output:

enter image description here

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