I wish to have the 'chapter pages' replaced by an info-graphic of my choosing. The pages that contain the chapter title will all be position on a separate page. The remainder of the chapter content continues on subsequent pages (Works Fine).

The images I intend to use are transparent in nature. Below is a MWE.

\documentclass[10pt, twoside]{book} 



\part{First Part}

\chapter{First Chapter}


\tikz[remember picture,overlay] 
\node[opacity=.7,inner sep=0pt] at (current page.center){


\section{First Section}
\section{Second Section}


See sample output:

demo of visible through image

Increasing the opacity to 1 only solves the problems with non-transparent images.

Another idea I had, was to change the font color to white, but if I decide to print on cream paper in the future, it becomes an issue as I no control over the exact shade of cream in which the text will be printed.

Question: How do I mask/hide/disable the chapter title and number only on the pages in which I intend to put the graphic.

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For a chapter where you wish to hide the number and title:

%\chapter{First Chapter} % the original
\chapter*{{\huge Chapter}} % unnumbered but not in ToC or headers
\refstepcounter{chapter} % increment the chapter number
\chaptermark{First Chapter} % title text for headers
\addcontentsline{toc}{chapter}{\thechapter\hspace{0.5em} First Chapter} % put chapter title in the ToC
\chapter{Regular Chapter}
  • Your solution is elegant. The bit with the stepcounter and chaptermark eluded me. Thank you.
    – jmreader
    Aug 6, 2019 at 11:02

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