Currently I am working on a file, that already contains a lot of tables, that are all well set with ltablex. In only one of the chapters.

I'm going to add tables which will only be descriptions of testcases, but in form of a table. I want to set the table-labels of those special tables to "Testcase N: XXX". Also they should start counting at 1.

In the following chapters the tabels should wear the usual Table label und continue the orginal table counter.

Is there a possibility to create a second type of tables and only define there label? e.g.


that should be a clone of the original tabularx environment but with a different label and own counting variable.

If it is possible, how?

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The float package can define new types:




aaa & bbbb\\


enter image description here

If you prefer myOwnTable environment, the caption package can be used to change the caption to testcase

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