I found a lot of similar questions, but non could solve my problem. I am creating a list of abbreviations using acronym and I want the list to be aligned to the largest element.

My code looks like this:


and the abbreviations.tex file looks like this

\chapter*{List of Abbreviations}
\addcontentsline{toc}{chapter}{List of Abbreviations}
\markboth{List of Abbreviations}{List of Abbreviations} 

    \acro{RE}{reference electrode}
    \acro{SNR}{signal to noise ratio}
    \acro{SP-ICPMS}{single particle inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry}
    \acro{TEM}{transmission electron microscopy}
    \acro{WE}{working electrode}    

and in my text I use:

blabalbalba \ac{RE} and balablbalba \acp{CE}

The elements in the list are aligned, but not the SP-ICPMS, as it is way too long. How can I make the list align to the longest abbreviation?

Here is how it looks like: enter image description here

EDIT: Problem solved by replacing [TDMA] with [SP-ICPMS]


Ok wow! Every time after I post a question here - after hours of research - I find the answer...

The \begin{acronym}[TDMA] I found in another question, and I didn't know what the [TDMA] stands for. Well, it does exactly what I want: it gives the length of the tab. So by putting it to [SP-ICPMS], I solved my problem!

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