Ok, first of all, that's not that case that it just have to put double brackets. I have to cite a Standard using it's name, like ISO 3889 (2017), for example. But in Brazil, at References session, for standards the authors name has to be, in that example INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATION FOR STANDARDIZATION (so it appears first). When I use \cite{iso3889}, for that example, the entire name appears. If I could cite the field Organization of bibtex, I could write ISO 3889 on this field, to cite directly, but I don't know how. Any ideas?

  • Welcome to tex.sx. Since you are using bibtex, look at key. This question may help: Use BibTeX key as the cite key. – barbara beeton Aug 6 at 21:49
  • I'd avise you to take at the abntex2-cite package documentation. There you'll find examples for that (and plenty of other situations). – Joseph Aug 7 at 17:41

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