How to make a simple block diagram using latex e.g. I would like to make a block diagram as shown in pic.enter image description here


This is just to try out something "new": pass styles from a foreach loop. Works. Only need the /.expanded key. Technically this should answer your question. Whether or not it answers the question you wanted to ask, I do not know, working crystal balls are rare these days.

\begin{tikzpicture}[node distance=.8cm, start chain=going right,font=\sffamily,
    pft/.style={rectangle,draw,thick,text width=8em, minimum height=3em,text centered,on chain},
    every join/.style={-latex, thick}]
 \path foreach \X [count=\Y] in
 {node[join,pft,style/.expanded=\X] (node \Y){text}};
  \foreach \X in {2,3}
  {\draw[decorate] ([yshift=-1ex]node \X.south east) -- ([yshift=-1ex]node \X.south west)

enter image description here

  • Thanks :). It helps, I will modify according to the need. – WBAN_crypto Aug 9 at 8:45

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