I am using biblatex with the authoryear-ibid style for inline citation, so somewhat close to the Harvard citation style. I could alternatively use the philosophy-classic or -modern style for the same goal (though I don't know whether they also do ibid, which I'd like)

The problem: I have a mvbook with a shorthand that I'd like to quote. When quoting that, I want the output to omit the comma and the "vol.", so it should look like this:

EXP 3, p. 5

Meanwhile, without tweaking, the output looks like this:

EXP, vol. 3, p.5




    date = {2000},
    author = {Examplus, Iannus},
    title = {Lorem Ipsum},
    shorthand = {EXP}


The related questions on here are unfortunately using biblatex-chicago and their solutions seem to include some stuff that the styles I'd use don't provide and I haven't been able to find out how to adapt those to my case.


Try this, taken mostly from https://github.com/plk/biblatex/issues/868.

Much of the code won't be needed once biblatex 3.13 is released. But is still required for biblatex 3.12.




    date = {2000},
    author = {Examplus, Iannus},
    title = {Lorem Ipsum},
    shorthand = {EXP}
  date = {2019},
  author = {Author, An},
  title = {Some Title}

% Work arounds not needed from biblatex 3.13

% user level changes











MWE output

  • Thank you a lot, this has done the trick for me!
    – Ecila
    Aug 9 '19 at 12:45

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