When I was using TeXstudio, I wrote some long math equations lots of times.

Because it was really tedious works to write them repeatedly, I wrote these equations in the Windows Notepad, and copied and pasted when I needed them.

Since Windows Notepad has no font color like TeXstudio, it is hard to distinguish some similar equations in it.

Thus I wonder there exists a TeXstudio Pop-Up Notepad to make it easy this kinds of work. Or if not, I want to know some other good methods in this situation. Thank you.

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The most appropriate for "long math equations [written] lots of times" would be to have \newcommand{\mycommand}{my long math equation} in the preamble, so that then you can write \mycommand instead of my long math equation. This also has the advantage that you can adjust \mycommand once, and the output adjusts everywhere in your document. And you can parameterize \mycommand, so that \mycommand{A} and \mycommand{B} do slightly different (but very related) things.

The closest to a window with font coloring would be if you open a second TeXstudio window that you use for your scratch work, in addition to your main document.

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