Not a pro in Latex, struggling to draw this commutative diagram. Any help is appreciated. enter image description here


We use the tikz-cd-package for this. If you are a beginner, you probably should have a look at this online-editor.




\begin{tikzcd}[row sep = huge, column sep = huge]
A \arrow[r, "\varphi_1"] \arrow[d, "\varphi_2", swap] \arrow[dd, bend right = 40, "\varphi_8", swap] & B \arrow[d, "\varphi_3"] \arrow[dd, bend left = 40, "\varphi_9"] \\
C \arrow[r, "\varphi_4"] \arrow[d, "\varphi_5", swap]                             & D \arrow[d, "\varphi_6"]                       \\
E \arrow[r, "\varphi_7", swap]                  & F                                

enter image description here

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