I'm a LaTeX rookie so I'm hoping someone will be able to help me. I've been stuck with this figure for quite some time and haven't found a solution.

Specifically, I have made 2 pie charts next to each other with a joined legend. The default option seems to stack the legend box in between the charts. How do I:

  1. Move the legend down south to underneath the boxes (I've try \legend.style which did not seem to do anything)
  2. Add a text to the top of each box to specify which group the data comes from (i.e. label Group 1 for the left box, and Group 2 for the right box).

Thank you very much for your help!

My MWE is:




\pie [square, scale font,
            color = {blue!10, blue!20, blue!40}, sum=auto, text=legend, after number = {\%}, every only number node/.style={text=black},style={lines}]{58/Unidentifiable ML,25/MOP only,11/SMO only,6/MOP \& SMP} 

\pie [pos={11,0}, square, scale font,
            color = {blue!10, blue!20, blue!40}, sum=auto, after number = {\%},every only number node/.style={text=black},style={lines}]{56/,18/,10/,16/}

\caption{How do I move the legend down south}


I think bar chart or circular chart is more convenient, but if you stick to that kind of rectangles, then below is a way with plain TikZ. Plain TikZ makes controls easier. Other thing I like in this figure is that it illustrates the way of TikZ drawing: putting node and pic along path.

enter image description here

\fill[#1] (-.2,-.2) rectangle (.2,.2);

(0,0)     pic[fill=blue!10]{box} node[right=2mm]{MOP \& SMP}
++(90:.6) pic[fill=blue!20]{box} node[right=2mm]{SMO only}
++(90:.6) pic[fill=blue!30]{box} node[right=2mm]{MOP only}
++(90:.6) pic[fill=blue!40]{box} node[right=2mm]{Unidentifiable ML};

\fill[#1,draw=#2] #3 rectangle #4;
\path ($.5*#4+.5*#3$) node[scale=#5]{#6};

\begin{scope}[shift={(180:7)},scale=6,local bounding box=L]
\path (L.north) node[above,scale=2]{\bfseries Group 1};

\begin{scope}[shift={(0:4.5)},scale=6,local bounding box=R]
\path (R.north) node[above,scale=2]{\bfseries Group 2};
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    This works beautifully! Thank you 3000! – teadrinker64 Aug 10 at 14:05

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