Many presentations include some kind of a visualizer where the listeners can easily see how far the presentation has gone.

A great option to do so is adding a progress bar into the slide layout.

Minimum Working Example (MWE):

The user Gonzalo Medina has posted a nice approach on how to display a triangle above a line:

Screenshot of the code from user Gonzalo Medina


\definecolor{pbgray}{HTML}{575757}% background color for the progress bar

\def\progressbar@progressbar{} % the progress bar
\newcount\progressbar@tmpcounta% auxiliary counter
\newcount\progressbar@tmpcountb% auxiliary counter
\newdimen\progressbar@pbht %progressbar height
\newdimen\progressbar@pbwd %progressbar width
\newdimen\progressbar@tmpdim % auxiliary dimension


% the progress bar

    \multiply\progressbar@tmpdim by \progressbar@tmpcounta
    \divide\progressbar@tmpdim by \progressbar@tmpcountb

  \begin{tikzpicture}[very thin]
    \draw[pbgray!30,line width=\progressbar@pbht]
      (0pt, 0pt) -- ++ (\progressbar@pbwd,0pt);
    \draw[draw=none]  (\progressbar@pbwd,0pt) -- ++ (2pt,0pt);

    \draw[fill=pbgray!30,draw=pbgray] %
       ( $ (\progressbar@tmpdim, \progressbar@pbht) + (0,1.5pt) $ ) -- ++(60:3pt) -- ++(180:3pt) ;

    \node[draw=pbgray!30,text width=3.5em,align=center,inner sep=1pt,
      text=pbgray!70,anchor=east] at (0,0) {\insertframenumber/\inserttotalframenumber};











            \frametitle{Results 1}

            \frametitle{Results 2}





This looks nice indeed, but I would prefer to add the section titles into the timeline as well.

Screenshot of the desired progres bar

Hereby you can see:

  • Introduction and Motivation has already been presented
  • Methodology is currently presented
  • Results and Conclusion will be presented afterwards

Would it be possible to extend the code so the section titles will appear in the timeline as well?

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    Less florid, but that's just what some themes as like Berlin, Darmstadt or Berkeley do. Anyway, I doubt of the benefits of any progress bar. The bars take a valuable space (except maybe using one as discrete as in the metropolis theme) and overall, is distracting. Do you want people focused on your dissertation or in how many sections rest to leave? – Fran Aug 11 '19 at 10:04

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