The following section, appendix and references


\section{Appendix: My Title}
my appendix


have a layout like this

enter image description here

I guess the Appendix format is not correct. Moreover, I want to put a table in the appendix. It should be

Appendix A
Table 4. Shows the detailed information about results.

\begin{table} [b]
\begin{tabular}{ |p{1.4cm}|p{6.2cm}| }
       A  &   B
       C  &   D
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    as always, please post full minimal examples that others can copy and test as is, not sniplets like this where we have to add stuff to even compile the sniplets. I don't even know what you mean by »I guess the Appendix format is not correct.« – daleif Aug 14 at 15:57

Here is a way based on the answer of redefining the section here:

  title={An article},
  author={Me Only},
  journal={A journal}

  title={An other article},
  author={Me Again},
  journal={Another journal}

{\GenericWarning{}{Warning: A starred section can not have parameters. I am going to ignore them!}\@StarredWith}%
\oldsection*[Appendix\space\themysection: ##1]{Appendix\space\themysection:\protect\\##2}%
\addcontentsline{toc}{section}{Appendix\space\themysection: ##1}
\addcontentsline{toc}{section}{Appendix\space\themysection: ##1}

\title{Some title}







\section{My Title}
my Appendix \thesection{}, starts the appendix\ldots

\section*{A starred section}
with some content

\section{Another section}
my Appendix \thesection{} is about\ldots 

\subsection{A subsection}

with some text



enter image description here

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