I am a little bit puzzeled. I want to use a macro as input for the hyperref ChoiceMenu. But i got no clue how to do.

What i do:

\newcommand{\namea}{name1, name2}
\ChoiceMenu[combo, name=MyInternallabel]{MyprintedLabel}{\namea}

What i get:

The concatenated string "name1 , name2" as the only option of choice.

What i want:

The same behavior as

\ChoiceMenu[combo, name=MyInternallabel]{MyprintedLabel}{name1, name2}
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  • Welcome to TeX.SX! Please provide complete MWE for us to examine. – schtandard 2 days ago
  • The problem is that \ChoiceMenu doesn't expect that it's argument will be in a macro, so it doesn't try to expand it. A work-around would be \begingroup\edef\x{\endgroup\unexpanded{\ChoiceMenu[combo, name=MyInternallabel]{MyprintedLabel}}{\namea}}\x, but this is not really the best idea. An example document would help to give you a better option. – Phelype Oleinik 2 days ago
  • Thanks @PhelypeOleinik it works like a charm. – Robert Maucher 2 days ago
  • i will uplaod a example document later this day. – Robert Maucher 2 days ago
  • Without memory consuming temporary macros like \x whenever calling \ChoiceMenu: \newcommand\PassFirstToSecond[2]{#2{#1}} ... \expandafter\PassFirstToSecond\expandafter{\namea}{\ChoiceMenu[combo, name=MyInternallabel]{MyprintedLabel}} – Ulrich Diez yesterday

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