I am using a linux system. By mistake I issued a command -

sudo apt-get purge python

(I know I've committed a very big mistake :( but now I want everything back to normal.)

As soon as I issued this command my LaTeX (texlive-full) stopped working. I realized that I did not had any version of texlive. I issued this command -

sudo apt-get install texlive-full

I don't know why, but now package polyglossia is not working. eg.



This should have run normally, but I'm getting errors.

This is the log file. Linux users please help me out!

  • The MWE works for me, but the TeX live in Linux package sources is known to lag behind current development, indeed you have TeX Live 2017/Debian, while current would be TeX live 2019. I think \setdefaultlanguage is a more recent addition to polyglossia, try \setmainlanguage instead. See tex.stackexchange.com/q/394958/35864
    – moewe
    Aug 18 '19 at 8:59
  • The current version of polyglossia has \let\setmainlanguage=\setdefaultlanguage, so I suspect that \setmainlanguage instead of \setdefaultlanguage in the MWE should give the expected results.
    – moewe
    Aug 18 '19 at 9:01
  • 1
    If you want a more up-to-date system than the two-year-old TeX live 2017 from the Debian repositories, you may want to consider installing a current vanilla TeX live directly from TUG: tex.stackexchange.com/q/1092/35864
    – moewe
    Aug 18 '19 at 9:02
  • @moewe Please see the log file. I've used setmainlanguage and still I got errors.
    – Niranjan
    Aug 18 '19 at 9:07
  • Check the contents of /usr/share/texlive/texmf-dist/tex/latex/polyglossia.sty Does the file look roughly like github.com/reutenauer/polyglossia/blob/master/tex/…?
    – moewe
    Aug 18 '19 at 9:08

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