I'm a really big fan of this presentation style


and I'm wondering if anyone has come across the sort of clickable+expanding/minimizing legend used on the left hand side of each slide. I haven't been able to find on the TeX exchange so far this exact kind of legend type.


This is probably not the best solution but you can use \useoutertheme[hideothersubsections,left]{sidebar} to hide the subsections of not selected subsections and use:

linktoc=all,     %set to all if you want both sections and subsections linked

to make the table of content clickable.

Here is an example:


\useoutertheme[hideothersubsections,left]{sidebar} %hides the subsetions of not selected sections

    linktoc=all,     %set to all if you want both sections and subsections linked
\title{Amazing Presentation}
\author{By Me}



\begin{frame}[plain, allowframebreaks]

\section{Section 1}
\subsection{A subsection}\begin{frame}{}\end{frame}
\subsection{Another subsection}\begin{frame}{}\end{frame}
\subsection{So many subsections}\begin{frame}{}\end{frame}

\section{Section 2}
\subsection{Even more subsections!}\begin{frame}{}\end{frame}
\subsubsection{Subsubsections are possible as well}\begin{frame}{}\end{frame}
\subsection{The subsections are even clickable}\begin{frame}{}\end{frame}
\subsection{I think you get the point}\begin{frame}{}\end{frame}


Result: Presentation with legend

Presentation with legend 2

If you want to, you can customize the sidebar

I got the idea of using frames this way from here.

  • Thank you for your help, earthwalker31 :)
    – LionHead
    Aug 19 '19 at 23:51

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