I try to include two different abstract pages as for example here: Abstracts in different languages on the same page - all different solutions I found were tested. The Problem becomes obvious when you use \usepackage{showframe} % to show typing area, header, footer, margins (from 4.)

This basically works, but messes up with the page orientation (left/right), as I want to use \documentclass[12pt,a4paper,twoside,ngerman]{report} (being double-sided is important here) for my master thesis. Is there a way to force a Page (in this case one of the abstracts) to the right (odd) side? Other workarounds are also appreciated.

Different things were already tried:

  1. \addtocounter{page}{1} from How can I change the increment of the page numbering? can at least help me to fix the broken side for all follow up pages, but not for the abstracts
  2. Use of Book instead of Report. This could be a solution but brings alot of problems as I use many typical report-commands (placing in the same page two abstract in different language)
  3. How to force output to a left (or right) page? only does a \cleardoublepage to force a page to be right-side. My abstracts don't care (doesn't matter which). \hbox{}\newpage doesn't change the problem too.
  4. Illogical twoside margins only helped for visualisation, but not the main problem. I could try scrreport but don't think that the problem lies there.

EDIT: Thanks for the comment, here a try for a minimal example:

\usepackage[ngerman,english]{babel} %adding two languages
\usepackage{lipsum} %just for producing text
\usepackage{showframe}  % to show typing area, header, footer, margins
\title{ {\large Master Thesis} } %Actually should be on the right/recto side too, should it?
\begin{abstract} %Text left/verso, which is ok
\begin{otherlanguage}{english}  %Text again left/verso, should be right
        \addcontentsline{toc}{chapter}{Abstract (Englisch)}
    \addtocounter{page}{-1} %TODO!! or +1 - to fix at least following Pages.
\tableofcontents %Also here messed-up page numbering which would be bearable
\cleardoublepage %doesn't do anything despite being on recto page

Just noticed that \cleardoublepage is broken too, it clears to the next left (backside) page instead of the next right (frontside) one. No matter what I tried so far, the abstract stays right.

EDIT2: At least I was able to fix the page numbering secondary problem which also resulted in an occurring difference between printed number (obtained with \pageref{SomeRefOnThisPage}) and \therealpage (see 1.). I wanted to use this for a custom command using \ifx\therealpage\pageref{#1} [...], which was also wrong for different reasons (How to use \pageref{foo} as a number? and \ifnumequal{\thepage} does not work for the first paragraph on a new page).

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    Can you please post some minimal code? – campa Aug 21 at 15:30

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