Is there some kind of standard symbol size in LaTeX? I am looking to design an icon in the Latex font based on how certain operations or symbols look like in latex. For example the square operation with a "placeholder" (that should be the standard symbol size of latex) as the base and 2 as the exponent.

I know that sizes in Latex are dynamic most of the time but I was still wondering if there maybe is something like this.

I appreciate every answer.

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If you have a \basesymbol (placeholder) of some arbitrary size, \scalerel can be used to scale it to a standard size, as long as you define what "standard" is. Here, in the first example, \scaledsymbol takes the base symbol and always makes it the height of x, in the current math style. In the 2nd example, it mimics the size of the + sign, and takes on \mathbin characteristics.

Base: A\basesymbol B

Scaled to $x$: $y = \scaledsymbol^2 + x_{\scaledsymbol}$


Scaled to $+$: $y = x^2 \scaledsymbol x_{i \scaledsymbol 1}$

enter image description here

  • This is very helpful! Thanks!
    – Wheepy
    Mar 6, 2021 at 4:59

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