Below is an example snippet of a proof in paper I am trying to reproduce. It seems. to be in a subequation environment, but it self references inside intertext.

How can I either self reference this, or continue the numbering? When I try using the functions above it gives me an error.

Thanks in advance

Example Code

  • \label and \ref can self reference easily, since they are created in one pass and used in the next. – John Kormylo Aug 21 '19 at 13:17
  • Are you really using \intertext? I see no reason to. – egreg Aug 21 '19 at 13:51

Just use them:



  $H(\omega)$ satisfies the following two properties:
    & \lvert H(0) \rvert = 1 \quad\text{and}\quad h(n) = O(n^{-2})
      \text{ at infinity.}
    & \lvert H(\omega) \rvert^{2} + \lvert H(\omega + \pi) \rvert^{2} = 1
      \text{ .}
  Conversely let $H(\omega)$ be a Fourier series satisfying \eqref{eq:prop:1}
  and \eqref{eq:prop:2} and such that
    \lvert H(\omega) \rvert \neq 0 \quad\text{for}\quad \omega\in[0,\pi/2]\text{

enter image description here

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