I pretty much like how the bibliography is rendered via BibTeX+Beamer as demonstrated by the Metropolis beamer theme:

enter image description here

Does there exist some BibLaTeX style with a similar look and feel? In particular I like the separation/newline between author, title, and remaining parts.


Some of the style elements of BibTeX bibliographies rendered in beamer presentations don't actually come from the style, but from clever modifications that beamer applies to the bibliography environment and some relevant commands. Similar modifications are applied when biblatex is loaded (for example you also get the icons instead of numbers by default in the bibliography list and certain elements of the reference have a different colour).

If you are just after more frequent new lines in the bibliography you can try the biblatex option block=par, which inserts line breaks after each 'block' of information in the bibliography entry. What exactly constitutes a block depends on the bibliography style and its driver definitions.


\usepackage[style=numeric, block=par, backend=biber]{biblatex}



Bibliography slide with more frequent line breaks.

What constitutes a block is defined by the bibliography style in the drivers. The driver for @article in standard.bbx (ll. 26-62) looks like this


If you want to change the number of blocks you need to add or remove some \newblock instructions here. Unfortunately, this can only happen by copy-paste-and-modifictation of the entire driver or by patching with xpatch (though that could get a bit messy here).

A different strategy is discussed in biblatex add line breaks after author and title.

  • The option block=par sounds really interesting. Is it possible to define what constitutes a block? I would like to have only three blocks namely for author/editor and title and remaining part. Otherwise, an entry becomes quite large. – Max Maier Aug 22 at 5:02
  • @MaxMaier That is sort of hard-coded in the bibliography drivers. See for example the standard driver for @article in standard.bbx, ll. 26-62 each \newblock marks a new block. You could remove the \nwblocks in places where you don't want them. – moewe Aug 22 at 5:22
  • @MaxMaier I also found tex.stackexchange.com/q/351397/35864, which is one of your own questions. Maybe you can use that again? – moewe Aug 22 at 5:37
  • yes, I also thought about my old question. At least by that I get the result of the separate blocks. Though, the font face, quotes, etc. are still not the same. I was digging into beamer/beamerbaselocalstructure.sty where such things are defined. I might adapt that to fit my needs. Thanks for pointing me into the right direction. – Max Maier Aug 22 at 16:18

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