How do I write and compile a .tex file with plain LuaTeX? I use LuaLaTeX to compile some .tex files but how is an example of a plain LuaTeX file and how do I compile it? In the reference manual I did not find any example or a tutorial of how to do it. Is there any resource material in which I can learn more about creating and compile .tex files with plain LuaTeX?

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    I don't think there's anything special between plain LuaTeX vs. LuaLaTeX files as compared to how plain TeX vs. LaTeX files differ. You just write a plain TeX file in which you can use the new LuaTeX primitves, and compile that file via luatex myfile.tex. – siracusa Aug 22 '19 at 2:31

It's important to understand than Plain TeX is only defined for TeX although it can be seen as a model to build more advanced TeX engines. Strictly speaking, there is no Plain TeX format for LuaTeX but a plain LuaTeX.

The idea is to define its own format like e.g. OpTeX or define a format "from scratch" using the engine primitives.

Note: In practice luatex-plain.tex actually reads plain.tex but it also reads luatex-basics, luatex-fonts, luatex-math....

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