inner sep=2pt,
         minimum size=0.cm,scale=0.65

           \node (a1) at (0,0) [acteur,label=below:\scriptsize{1}]{}; 

           \node (a6) at (1.5,0) [acteur,label=below:\scriptsize{6}]{};
           \node (a7) at (3,1) [acteur,label=above:\scriptsize{7}]{};
           \node (a8) at (4.5,2) [acteur,label=right:\scriptsize{8}]{};
           \node (a9) at (3,-1) [acteur,label=below:\scriptsize{9}]{};
           \node (a10) at (4.5,-2) [acteur,label=right:\scriptsize{10}]{};

           \node (a2) at (-1.5,1) [acteur,label=above:\scriptsize{2}]{};
           \node (a3) at (-3,2) [acteur,label=left:\scriptsize{3}]{};
           \node (a4) at (-1.5,-1) [acteur,label=below:\scriptsize{4}]{};
           \node (a5) at (-3,-2) [acteur,label=left:\scriptsize{5}]{};
           \node at (-5.5,3) {\textit{$T$}};
            \draw  (a1) -- (a6);
            \draw  (a6) -- (a7);
            \draw  (a7) -- (a8);
            \draw  (a6) -- (a9);
            \draw  (a9) -- (a10);
            \draw  (a1) -- (a2);
            \draw  (a2) -- (a3);
            \draw  (a1) -- (a4);
            \draw  (a4) -- (a5);

\caption{ A tree having property $\mathcal{R_E}$ with $a(T)=\dfrac{5-\small{\sqrt{21}}}{2}$ and $\rho(T)=\dfrac{5+\small{\sqrt{21}}}{2}$}\label{fig2}

I am trying to draw this figure in pstricks. How I can draw?

  • Your code is not compilable. – Sebastiano Aug 22 at 13:32
  • 1
    now I think, it will be compilable. – J.Doe Aug 22 at 13:43

This can be done most simply with pst-eucl. Unrelated: \small doesn't work in math maode and, further, it is not a command with an argument but a font size switch. I replaced it with the medium-size fractions from nccmath.

\documentclass[12pt, a4paper, svgnames]{article}
\usepackage{amsmath, nccmath}



\psset{yunit=0.6cm, linecolor=LightSteelBlue}
  \pstGeonode[PointName={1,2,3,4,5}, PosAngle={-90,-135,180,-90,180}](-0.5,0){A1}(-1.5,1){A2}(-2.5,2){A3}(-1.5,-1){A4}(-2.5,-2){A5}
  \pstGeonode[PointName={6,7,8,9,10}, PosAngle={-90,-45,0,-90,0}](0.5,0){A6}(1.5,1){A7}(2.5,2){A8}(1.5,-1){A9}(2.5,-2){A10}

\caption{A tree having property $\mathcal{R_E}$ with $a(T)=\mfrac{5-\sqrt{21}}{2}$ and $\rho(T)=\mfrac{5+\sqrt{21}}{2}$}\label{fig2}


enter image description here

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