In memoir class how can I have numbered appendices (APPENDIX 1 instead of APPENDIX B) both in the body of the document and in ToC? I have read the memoir user manual and could not find how


With the help of \renewcommand*\cftappendixname{Appendix~} and \renewcommand\thechapter{\arabic{chapter}} you can get the desired result.

\renewcommand*\cftappendixname{Appendix~} % adds the word Appendicx in the toc

\chapter{Regular Chapter}
\renewcommand\thechapter{\arabic{chapter}} % Changes the numbering format from alph to arabic
\chapter{Appendix Chapter}

  • Thank you leandriis, I had also put the \renewcommand before the \appendix statement. – Richard Aug 23 '19 at 8:52

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