I have been using chronosys for a few days now, and some problems have arisen. I have modified the file chronosyschr.tex to delete the reference to a year 0 that does not exist

\!chrdefaultstartyear chrdefaultstartyear{1}!chrdefaultstopyear chrdefaultstopyear chrdefaultwidth chrdefaultwidth chrdefaultwidth{\the\textwidth}%.

So, if you want a timeline with the BEC and EC centuries, the year 0 always appears :


     \begin{chronology}[align=left, startyear=-400, stopyear=500, height=1cm, startdate=false, stopdate=false,arrowheight=0.75cm,arrowwidth=0.75cm]

Two another questions:

  • How to make a timeline with important values (billions of years)?
  • How to draw a fine line around each period or a block of periods?

Thanks a lot!


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