How can I apply the package mathabx for a PDF/A? pdflatex produces a PDF from


which is rejected by Acrobat's Preflight saying

Font is not valid
  Page 1: TeX-mathb 10 9.963 pt Type 1 embedded (as a subset)
    List of glyph width mismatches (PDF data versus embedded font data)
      999.8 versus 0 (0/0)

The sole font therein comes from mathb10.pfb.

When I provide the file generated by mftrace --keep-trying --formats=pfb mathb10 from the metafont sources, Acrobat's Preflight approves the PDF.


First things first. Acrobat DC approves the PDF as PDF-A/1b compliant while Acrobat XI rejects.

As it seems, the preflight tool in Acrobat XI is misled by the two trailing %-comments in the encrypted part of mathb10.pfb.

$ t1disasm $(kpsewhich mathb10.pfb) | grep -C 1 '%$'
 noaccess def
/Subrs 1 array
 noaccess def
2 index%
/CharStrings 258 dict dup begin

When these comments are removed, also Acrobat XI approves the PDF. The following instruction patches the font locally. A later pdflatex invocation will consider it.

t1disasm $(kpsewhich mathb10.pfb) | sed -e 's!%$!!' | t1asm -b | sponge mathb10.pfb

Strange matter…

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