This MWE compiles OK with lualatex but gives an error with tex4ht. Any one knows why?


Solution & Verification\\  \hline
y&=\sin x\tan x \int \cos x +3 x\sin x\tan x \sin x\tan x \int \cos x +
\end{minipage}}&OK\\ \hline


Now compiled with (all on one line)

make4ht -ulm default foo2.tex 
     "htm,pic-align,notoc*,p-width,charset=utf-8,svg" "-cmozhtf -utf8"

gives error

Output dir:
Compiler:       dvilualatex
Latex options:   -jobname=foo2
tex4ht.sty :    xhtml,htm,pic-align,notoc*,p-width,charset=utf-8,svg,charset=utf-8
tex4ht   -cmozhtf -utf8
build_file      foo2.mk4
Output format   html5
Cannot open config file foo2.mk4
setting param correct_exit
setting param correct_exit
setting param correct_exit
setting param ext
Adding:         ext     dvi
LaTeX call: dvilualatex  -jobname=foo2  '\makeatletter\def\HCode{\futurelet\HCode\HChar}\def\HChar{\ifx"\HCode\def\HCode"##1"{\Link##1}\expandafter\HCode\else\expandafter\Link\fi}\def\Link#1.a.b.c.{\g@addto@macro\@documentclasshook{\RequirePackage[#1,html]{tex4ht}}\let\HCode\documentstyle\def\documentstyle{\let\documentstyle\HCode\expandafter\def\csname tex4ht\endcsname{#1,html}\def\HCode####1{\documentstyle[tex4ht,}\@ifnextchar[{\HCode}{\documentstyle[tex4ht]}}}\makeatother\HCode xhtml,htm,pic-align,notoc*,p-width,charset=utf-8,svg,charset=utf-8,html5.a.b.c.\input "\detokenize{foo2.tex}"'
This is LuaTeX, Version 1.10.0 (TeX Live 2019)
 restricted system commands enabled.
LaTeX2e <2018-12-01>

luaotfload | main : initialization completed in 0.067 seconds
(/usr/local/texlive/2019/texmf-dist/tex/generic/tex4ht/html5.4ht)) (./foo2.aux)
! Missing # inserted in alignment preamble.
<to be read again>
l.18 \end{minipage}}
                  &OK\\ \hline

Using TL 2019

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    the problem is not from ot1lmtt. make4ht doesn't like that you put an align environment in a tabular. Why don't you use one of the environments meant for nesting like aligned? – Ulrike Fischer Aug 26 '19 at 9:59

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