I would like to set different margins for different sections of a Pylatex document (incl header, sections and subsections). I'm new to latex

I am currently setting my geometry options as follows, using this minimal example. I tried to change the margins of subsequent sections by setting the geometry options, which didn't work:

from pylatex import Command, Document, Section

geometry_options = {"tmargin": "0.5in", "lmargin": "0in", "bmargin": "0.5in", "rmargin": "0in"}
doc = Document(geometry_options=geometry_options, fontenc='T1')

with doc.create(Section('Section1')) as Sect1:
    Sect1.append('some text')

with doc.create(Section('Section2')) as Sect2:
    Sect2.append('some more text')
    Sect2.geometry_options = Command({'margins':'1in'})

doc.generate_pdf("testoutput", clean_tex=False)

This is the corresponding latex output:

some text

some more text


How can I change the margins within the document in the Pylatex code?


You expect pylatex to translate

Sect2.geometry_options = Command({'margins':'1in'})

to something like


But probably pylatex has no idea of geometry.

Read the geometry manual (cmd: texdoc geometry), section User interface. Probably \savegeometryand \loadgeometrywill become your friends, if you can pass the necessary commands from your pylatex file to LaTeX. I have no idea how to do that, but to judge from your code you seem to know such things.

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