How can I make the \printacronymscommand use the alternative short form of acronyms, alt keyword or via \aca*{key} command, instead of the standard short form?

This is to be used to annotate some acronyms with a *, as they have a common explanation below the list of acronyms.


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Here is a suggestion (if I have understood the question correctly). The code below needs version 3 of acro.

The idea is to define an additional property that I've called annotation (maybe a better name could be found). The template for the list of acronyms is then changed to print the annotation code after the short form. The rest is just suitable footnotes…



        \acroifanyT{foreign,extra}{ (}%
        \acroifallT{foreign,extra}{, }%
    { \item \AcroRerun }
  \end {description}

  short = one ,
  long = first description ,
  list = first description\footnotetext{common description\label{fn:common}} ,
  annotate = \footnotemark
  short = two ,
  long = second description ,
  annotate = \footref{fn:common}
  short = three ,
  long = third description ,
  annotate = \footref{fn:common}
  short = four ,
  long = forth description




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