Apologies if this has been already asked (I couldn't find a precise question):

  • I use Inkscape to draw figures

  • I draw a box, and within it a text. I align the text to the center of the box both horizontally and vertically.

  • I save the figure as "save as"-->PDF-->[checked "Omit text in pdf and create LaTeX file" option] enter image description here1

  • I press OK to save.


  • The text is completely un-alligned with the figures. E.g., a box with a text, may have the text appearing outside the box altogether.

How to solve this problem?

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Answer: as of now my understanding is that this is not possible in most cases, except for extremely ad hoc methods.

Conclusion: I am doubtful that inkscape can integrate well with latex. I moved to LatexDraw, a java program that is much less fancy, but much easier to learn and can integrate latex in it (and shows the resulting figure after the latex compilation).

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