I've been trying to go through previous questions and found some answers, however, I cannot find my mistake. I'm trying to have a bibliography after each chapter in my thesis. The current of the main file is:

\usepackage[a4paper, width=150mm, top=25mm, bottom=25mm, bindingoffset=6mm]{geometry}

Within the Introduction part I call


With the Int-references being a .bib file saved via JabRef.

The program I'm using is Texmaker.

I presume I'm doing something wrong in calling the .aux to generate the references when executing the main file. I just don't my mistake.

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    Welcome to TeX.SE! Dis you run bibtex for each resulting bibliography for your several chapters. To be clear: if you have five chapters you need five separate bibtex runs! – Mensch Aug 28 at 13:59
  • Dear Mensch, I think I did. But I might have discovered my problem. Looking back at it tell the usepackage chapterbib works with \include while I'm using \import. I'm going to give that a try now. – Rick Verberne Aug 29 at 8:31
  • Ok that solved the problem... but thank you for the quick response. – Rick Verberne Aug 29 at 8:36

You must start each chapter with \bibliographystyle{...} and end with \bibliography{...}. In my lecture notes each chapter is a separate file, \include{...} pulls them into the main file.

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    Dear Vonbrand, thank you for the quick reply. In my experience the location of \bibliographystyle{..} does not matter. However, I did use \import over \include, which caused the problem – Rick Verberne Aug 29 at 8:37

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