Hi I'm editing a sty document and I am trying to get print the author's name (that was declared in the preamble like this

\autor{First mid. last name}

and I am using the command \imprimirautor to print the author's name like it is declared in the preamble. but how do I print it in the format of last name, first name?

this is the portion of the sty that I am trying to get this to work


    \vspace*{\fill}                 % Posição vertical
    %\hrule                         % Linha horizontal
        Ficha catalográfica elaborada automaticamente com os dados fornecidos \\
        pelo(a) autor(a) através do Módulo de Biblioteca do \\
        Sistema GURI (Gestão Unificada de Recursos Institucionais) . 

    \vspace{-15 mm}
    \begin{center}                  % Minipage Centralizado
    \begin{minipage}[c]{10cm}       % Largura


    \begin{center}                  % Minipage Centralizado
    \begin{minipage}[c]{12.5cm}     % Largura

%%%%%%%%%%%%% here is suposed to be last name, first name %%%%%%%%%%%

    \hspace{0.5cm} \imprimirtitulo  / \imprimirautor. --
    \imprimirlocal, \imprimirdata-

    \hspace{0.5cm} \pageref{LastPage} p. : il. (algumas color.) ; 30 cm.\\



            1. \PalavraschaveTexto

            I.  \ifthenelse{\equal{\imprimirorientador}{}}

           II. \imprimirinstituicao

          III. \imprimirCurso

           IV. \imprimirtitulo\\ 

  • I guess you could just write down the author's name (how many times do you use it, anyway?). It would save you all the hassle. – Joseph Aug 28 at 23:49

Based on How do I split a string? this works, and might be what you're looking for:

\def\nameswap#1 #2\relax{#2, #1}
\testnameswap{Firstname Lastname}

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